When our partner is our mirror


It can be useful to have descriptions but they should not be taken too far. When we choose to be in relationship with someone, whether married or de-facto, or even if we are in relationship but not living together, then we will always change and so will they and the relationship itself will be a third entity.

There is a maxim that we marry our shadows – in other words, the other person is a hidden part of you. It can be too easy labelling others and therefore projecting out onto them. Your partner is often a hidden or denied part of yourself and you have been drawn together because the psyche always seeks balance.

By all means read up on Narcissism or any other psychological function you think might be at work in your relationship but recognise that at some level it will also be a part of you.

Your partner is your mirror a lot of the time. The more you recognise yourself, Know Thyself as the Elusinian Mysteries advised, then the less you will project onto someone else.

Are You With A Narcissist? | Narcissism and Relationships Blog by Melanie Tonia Evans


Feel like some of his/her behaviour doesn’t add up? Feel like you are going crazy arguing with a 5 year old? You might be with a narcissist.

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