I feel therefore I am has deeper notes,

and more profound the touch on mind and heart,

in ways that thoughts and words can never bring;

the harmony of life’s pure soulful chart.

The song of self is sung in purest tone,

when feelings sound the music of our spheres,

and resonate in particles and waves,

through smiles so sad and drop of joyful tears.

It’s when the body, mind and soul are one,

symphonic in the breath and stretch of being,

which echoes through the realms of heaven’s grace;

and calls us to the truth of worlds unseen. 

So then is knit the bonds of all we are,

material and spiritual connect,

and Eros sounds the trumpet so renowned;

archetypal marriage once again is blessed.


About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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One Response to Feelings

  1. Waltermarks says:

    That’s very deep. I like the flow, especially through the first half. Very good. Thanks,

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