Did you say you loved me?

Did you say you loved me, as your hand caressed
my thigh and stroked on hidden heart, or was it just
imagined? That touch, skin like silk appraising warm
receiving, where surrender was the only sense that raised
impassioned head, and in the doing, drove all reason
from my mind – all thoughts – all that I was, or
had ever been, in that moment of becoming. Cast upon
the ocean of imagination and desire; afloat on waves
of ecstasy and fear, wanting only to be all that you
would have me be, and more than I had ever thought
I was. Drowning in the memory of older, painful times,
afloat on doubt and hope and joy; descending into depths
as yet unknown, but glimpsed so often from the shallows;
where curdled surf did throw itself upon abandoned beach:
ah yes? There you were and there I was – for now.


About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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