The natural world


The night in settled shadows breathed

beside my bed and then,

in captured arms of morning light,

transformed herself again.

In rustled shake of darkened robes,

she crept through cornered hours,

and breathed herself ephemeral;

through day’s long shining rule.

Autumn solitude

Laughter eloquent as leaf,
in golden, shimmer shudders,
to dress the sky so briefly;
and haunt the soil in time.
These offerings of Autumn
hang lightly in the air,
and dance decay’s becoming;
twixt life and death ensnared.
Each one is born in solitude,
and dies alone at last,
in crumbling drifts eternal;
from tree to waiting earth.


The storm

In roiling, rampant clustering

The black clouds cawl the sky

And render daylight subjugate,

To lightning, thunder, rain.

The demon dance diminishes

The power of sun to shine,

And holds the elements in hand

Through drenching, roaring ride.



Heat shuffles through
the hidden cracks,
and sulks in fervent
corners, and then is drawn
in shivered waves through
endless turns of fans.

Here’s the prompt. Write one (or a few) simple poems about your natural environment. We suggest you keep poems to 2 – 6 lines (each). Simple direct observation is important here. Refrain from trying to make your poem mean something more than what it observes.



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