Why the Homeopathy hounders will fail….

There are many things in life which human beings use where they don’t actually understand how it works but the simple reality is this, Homeopathy does work and anyone who has made use of it with professional help – buying at the chemist and self-prescribing is generally ineffective although harmless and may certainly have a placebo effect – cannot but be impressed with its efficacy and convinced it does work.

The reason why over-the-counter self-prescribing may be so ineffective is that the process of deciding which remedy is the right one is complex and while ‘getting it right’ can bring major and immediate healing, ‘getting it right’ is not simple because human beings are not simple.

A Homeopathic Remedy is not chosen purely on the basis of symptoms which is the focus of simple prescribing. The Homeopath does find symptoms important, from the major to the minor and particularly those which are ‘different’ or ‘unusual’ but the Homeopath also takes into account the physical shape of the individual, how they talk, move, what they say, what is going on in their lives, what their birth, childhood and previous symptoms or illnesses have been, what their emotional, physiological, psychological and spiritual attitudes or responses are – in other words, they seek to get as complete a picture of the person as they can in any and every sense.

And neither does Homeopathy work on a given cause such as pollen causes hay fever and so Homeopathy does not seek to determine any general cause, but the particular cause for the particular patient. The reason that Homeopathy does not attempt to determine a ’cause’ is that it approaches dis-ease and healing from the perspective that the ’cause’ is different for every individual.

What causes hay fever in one is not what causes it in another; why one person gets malaria is not why someone else gets malaria, etc. In a healthy body the bacteria, virus, mosquito or genetic tendency does not harm which is why not everyone gets infection, the flu, malaria, or a disease because they are subjected to the virus, bacteria, mosquito or gene. So the crucial factor is not the ‘trigger’ but why the ‘trigger’ is activated and that means the immune response or the human organism is out of balance.

The reasons for imbalance are not the same for everyone hence there is no one ’cause’ just a variety of individual, particular and unique ’causes’ for each and every one of us and the Homeopath must find the remedy which fits on that basis.

And yes, there is no doubt in many cases a placebo effect but there is a placebo effect for every medical consultation or medical procedure or medical prescription as even science/medicine knows. In fact it is the placebo effect in drug trials which makes the drugs themselves look so bad, to such a degree that drug companies are now looking to have the placebo effect removed from such trials.

The placebo effect has also been demonstrated in heart and knee surgery where patients who had a ‘pretend procedure’ where nothing was actually done, not only demonstrated dramatic improvement but often to far greater levels than those who had the real procedure carried out. No doubt because in the latter, the procedure did harm, whereas in the former it did not.



Anyone who has used it on a child or an animal, who may well be influenced by parental or owner’s belief, cannot help but be impressed and convinced. Anyone who has used it on their child or animal or themselves when they in fact do not believe in it but are in a position where they will try anything, is even more impressed and convinced.

There is no conclusive theory as yet as to how it works but there is a great deal of information coming out of scientific research, particularly quantum physics, which gives insight into how it might work. There is also hard research data showing it does work so, in the meantime, while science develops enough to be able to understand how it works, human beings are very sensibly making use of it.

Homeopathy is the fastest growing medicine in the world and particularly in India and even in Africa where, because it is so cheap to produce, because it is so cheap to use – sometimes one remedy taken once will bring about healing – and because it is so durable, if kept away from electronics and too much light (remedies 100 years old have been used effectively) it is vastly better for use in the less developed countries. But even without that, Homeopathy heals and does no harm.

Anyone who studies Homeopathy and is exposed to it professionally becomes a convert. The reason why some in science/medicine so hate it and wish to discredit is very simple:

The principles of Homeopathy which are about healing not removing symptoms run counter to the mechanistic nature of Allopathic or Modern medicine and medicine would have to have a radical re-think about its approach and its methodology and it resists such a challenge;

the remedies cannot be patented and are economical to produce and use compared to pharmaceutical drugs and that means a massively reduced profit margin which the billion dollar drugs industry would reject out of hand;

and the premise upon which Homeopathic remedies are produced and how they work would (will) destroy many of the basic premises on which science now rests and that would impact egos, careers, profits, professions and the entire basis of modern science.

Truth will out however and in the meantime Homeopathy will keep healing and more and more people will make use of it.

A rational approach to Homeopathy is even more important at a time when the third biggest killer in the world is now iatrogenic – doctor or medical induced – and millions of people around the world are hospitalised or dead every year because of it.

In addition, as we face the outcome of years of abuse and over-use of antibiotics where there are few if any effective antibiotics which could be used in the face of major epidemics, it may well we Homeopathy which comes to the rescue as it has in times past with disease epidemics. Well, in those times when most Homeopaths were medical doctors and the medical industry had not become so profit-driven that it sought to destroy any other contenders.

Every human being has a right to decide which healing methodologies they will use and every parent should have the right to do the same for their children. In the best of worlds, and there is a growing focus on Integrative Medicine which utilises all methodologies, including Homeopathy, all will be available through the medical system.

There are people who have been cured of cancer through the use of Allopathic treatments and there are those who have been cured through the use of Traditional healing methodologies – the choice should be theirs.

In terms of cancer cure in fact, Allopathy is singularly a failure on many if not most counts. Traditional medical approaches such as Homeopathy and TCM would say that is because Allopathy focuses on the removal of symptoms and does not address the original cause/s of the disease, which both Homeopathy and TCM do because they take a logical position of seeing disease as something emanating from dis-ease at emotional, psychological, physiological and in some cases, spiritual levels.

Modern or Allopathic medicine is sourced in materialistic science and takes a mechanistic approach which is why its areas of strength are those things which can be approached mechanically, like surgery – and in crisis or emergency situations, but where its limited and narrow approach means many other illnesses are never cured but maintained in a chronic state and where something like cancer, can be temporarily brought to a halt, only to re-appear even more strongly in months or years to come. That is not healing.

The body is not a machine and neither is it a ‘bag of chemicals’ as some aspects of science/medicine would also have it, because, if it were then Allopathy would be vastly more successful as a healing methodology than it is.

Medical approaches like Homeopathy and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and other traditional healing approaches, work on a basis of helping the body to create and maintain wellness by dealing with minor symptoms, which Allopathy would merely seek to suppress, so that major symptoms and major illness does not develop.

At the end of the day the body heals – no drug, operation, herb, remedy or practitioner does the healing – only the body does the healing and the task of the practitioner and his or her remedies is to assist and sometimes trigger, that healing capacity. That is not the approach of Allopathic Medicine and on that count, Allopathy, the youngest of all of the Medical approaches, stands alone. The drug and cut approach of modern medicine gives the illusion that it is effective because it is ‘doing something’ although even modern medicine knows about and sometimes utilises an approach called ‘benign neglect’ – but usually when there is no ‘doing’ to be done.

But given the massively increasing profits in medicine and pharmaceuticals, and the scientific industries associated and the massively increasing numbers of people needing medical help and the massively increasing size of hospitals, and the massively increasing cost of health care – it is difficult to argue that modern medicine has been successful at doing what it is meant to do – keeping people well and healing those who get sick.

There is also growing evidence of the efficacy of Homeopathy in treating children damaged by vaccination. There is nothing the human body cannot heal, nothing, but it can need help in the process of re-balancing which is required. We are all energy beings – a few atoms spinning around in a lot of empty space. We are vibratory organisms, both wave and particle, manifesting and disappearing in space constantly – call it energy.

Homeopathy, like acupuncture, works at this vibratory or energy level and a body in balance, or rather, a body in tune because we are, each of us, more like a ‘song’ than anything else, cannot succumb to dis-ease and will be restored from dis-ease.


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