When healing is a true calling

There is no doubt that Allopathic practitioners may be ‘called’ to healing as are Shamans but it is the exception, not the rule for the simple reason that the study and practice of medicine in Allopathy is driven by two factors: the prestige of the academic achievement required to get into medicine in the first place, i.e. ego and the potential for enormous profits given how well the profession pays, i.e. greed.

In addition, both the prestige and the profit bring power so most of those drawn to Allopathic Medicine are people who have the skills to perform within the academic system, which makes them no more than suited to that particular system; the ego which desires or requires to be seen as superior or to gain prestige; the greed which desires or requires large amounts of money and the insecurity and/or ruthlessness which desires or requires power.

It is little wonder then that the practice of Allopathic or Modern Medicine has become so corrupted, distorted and debased when most of those in the profession are dysfunctional at worst and self-serving at best.

If massive profit were removed from both Allopathy and the Pharmaceutical industry which fuels the corruption and debasement of the profession even more, then there would be more doctors with a true calling as healers and more healing done in general.


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