Mad science strikes again

The reality is that no scientist can say with any certainty what the impact of IVF will be or could be on the resulting human beings until two generations have passed and in essence, the IVF creation, his or her children and their grandchildren have lived relatively normal lives.

We already are seeing the first IVF creations coming into adulthood with substantially greater levels of mental illness and depression. Every cause has an effect and artificially creating life in a chemical bath in a petri dish where, as often as not, a sperm too weak to do the job naturally, is traumatically forced into an egg, MUST have an effect. No-one yet knows what that effect is or will be and if greed had not been the motivator in science/medicine, the procedure would have been used only in extreme cases, only for one child for any couple until the three generations had passed and it could be deemed safe.

You can bet the people making massive amounts of money won’t be handing any of it out to support the millions who might suffer because of how they were created and the generations who follow them. Although given that science also now knows that many of these IVF’s are sterile – hardly surprising given that their parents were – there may not be too many generations which suffer.

The other factor which beggars belief is that given the knowledge of the trauma suffered by adoptees who do not have knowledge or or access to their biological ancestry, that science/medicine could be so arrogant it would encourage a system where someone might never know or have access to their biological mother or father, nor the woman in whose womb they were grown.

Research now shows that DNA passes from the the foetus to the mother’s body and brain – and only arrogant, mechanistic science/medicine would think this is not important for those who will have unconscious and physiological knowledge of a mother they will never meet.

If science/medicine admits that it has no idea what psychological, emotional or physiological impact this procedure will have on the adult child and his or her descendants and parents are prepared to take that risk then that is a different matter.

But there is no doubt that IVF as it is presented today gives the impression that it is perfectly safe and that the babies or children who have problems are in the minority and that the artificial conception of a human being is comparable with the natural conception of a human being when it is not and never will be and when whatever effects arise from the cause will not be known accurately for at least three generations.

Much of the meddling now done by science/medicine, including IVF, runs absolutely counter to the laws of nature and is done with arrogant disregard for the wisdom of nature because the body is seen as a machine or bag of chemicals, when patently it is not.

Nowhere in nature has conception ever appeared where it takes place in a dish of chemicals and where a needle is forced into an egg so that a sperm too weak to do the job naturally, can create a child. Nowhere in nature have animals or human beings been created with three or more biological parents.

It has nothing to do with religion – it is about common sense. By all means experiment, I have no problem with that, but proceed with caution and ensure that those who participate in your experiment – well, the resulting human being will have no choice – are fully informed and make their decision on the basis that science/medicine has absolutely no idea what the long-term effects of such artificial and unnatural conception will be. Because they don’t and they won’t for three generations at least.

Given that the first generation of these IVF human beings are now reaching adulthood and displaying worryingly greater signs of mental illness – schizophrenia and depression – does anyone really think that people would be so cavalier about using IVF if they thought that the cute baby which resulted would end up as a mentally ill adult who would need their help and support for the rest of their lives? I doubt it.

The commercialisation of IVF has been absolutely criminal and one can only hope that the decades to come show that the effect is minimal, because, if it is not the cost to society and those millions of ‘satisfied’ parents who got their baby against all odds, will be enormous.

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  1. It almost sounds like science fiction. Maybe I just wish IVf was just a story.

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