Modern medicine is one of the top three killers


Modern medicine sees the body as a machine or ‘bag of chemicals’ which is why it gets so much wrong and why ‘iatrogenic’ is now one of the three big killers. Iatrogenic means doctor or medical induced!

Modern or rather, contemporary medicine, is also in thrall to the massively powerful pharmaceutical industry which needs to find symptoms and ‘diseases’ for which it can make a ‘pill’ which will bring even more profit.

Much of modern medicine is fear-based and pill profit-driven. Don’t take any medication without thoroughly researching your symptom or condition and if you are wise you will explore healing methodologies like homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine first as they do no harm and respect the body, believing that if you treat your body correctly at physiological, psychological, emotional and even spiritual levels, it will repair, restore and heal anything.

Modern, contemporary or Allopathic medicine works on the basis that ‘healing’ is about removing symptoms. Traditional Healing Methodologies work on the basis that the only healer is the body and the goal is health at an optimum level where you do not get sick and, if you do, your body will correct, repair and heal.

No-one denies the value of Allopathy in crisis or emergency situations but for general and ongoing health and even for avoiding and treating major diseases it is not simply largely a failure, it is dangerous if not deadly. Surgery is the greatest skill of Allopathy, although again, much misused where the attitude is to ‘remove’ any part of the body which does not ‘behave’ first, instead of seeking to help the body and that part restore itself to health. But, there is no doubt that reconstructive surgery is a valuable skill and so is crisis management but most disease does not require reconstructive surgery, nor crisis management.

When it comes to health Allopathy, outside of crisis situations, should be a last choice, not a first. As this article demonstrates, science/medicine often gets it wrong and it gets it wrong more often because it takes a materialistic and mechanistic view of the human organism.

Don’t trust your doctor. By all means seek Allopathic advice but do your research, gather the information, make up your own mind and remember that your body is your friend, not the enemy that Allopathy or BigPharma would have you believe and that every symptom or disease is simply your body trying to create balance. Symptoms are the ‘language’ the body uses to ‘speak to you’ about what is going on. The Allopathic goal of ‘removing the symptom’ simply drives the disease deeper.

If we treated our friends or family as so many treat their bodies we would not be surprised to see them sicken or die. The level of fear, mistrust, anger and even downright hatred which Allopathy encourages people to feel toward their body is not only disgraceful, it is dangerous if not deadly and it is quite simply stupid.

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