When freedom is lost

How easily we pour forth hate



How easily we pour forth hate
and point our crippled fingers,
at those we have judged guilty,
before their time in court.

How quickly we condemn someone,
for crimes that we can see,
without there being certainty,
of innocence or guilt.

How quickly do we shout,
and cheer the ‘criminal’ brought down,
ignore their pain and suffering;
won’t wait till justice’s done.

How quickly can we turn around,
when it is done to us,
and cry it is not fair –
your treatment is not just.

But then of course it is too late,
the damage has been wrought,
and principles are sacrificed;
our freedoms now are lost.

NB: in light of the irrational hysteria and vengeful hatreds set loose in the US following the bombing in Boston. A level of hysteria which has not been seen in any other developed nation which has suffered the same sort of tragedy.

About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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