At the moment of judgement remember…..

Watercolour, Endless Earth, Roslyn Ross, 2012

At the moment of judgement remember
that the other, on whom you fix your gaze,
is more damaged than evil,
and more frightened than cruel.
It is good to have opinions and beliefs,
but only as ways to sift through,
what life might be, and not as prisms,
through which to distort our view.
For the soul of every one of us is sound,
disguised by our wounds and our scars,
distorted by our fears and our doubts,
hidden by the beliefs that we hold.
So when mind points a vindictive finger,
at someone else, who has failed or fallen,
remind yourself that your knowledge
is simply that; it is yours, not theirs.
For the truth is that what you know,
of who they are and what they have lived,
is as little or nothing in their reality,
or in yours; or in any just reckoning.
For such is the nature of beliefs
and of judgement, and of perception
that the world around us and those
within it, are created by our own minds.
We see what we expect to see
and we judge within the limits of our knowing,
and that means we can never truly understand
another, nor why they do what they do.
We can merely reflect, with compassion,
on that which they appear to be,
and that which they seem to do,
and remind ourselves, we and they are one.


About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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