They called me little princess


They called me little princess
not knowing that the words
were sourced in no reality;
it’s not the way it works.
I held onto the fairytale
beyond my childhood years,
and found that no-one else
did see, the one they said was me.
In making me as other,
as something rare not real,
they thought that they were loving;
instead they brought me fear.
For even as a child I knew,
that I was not the one,
they set upon a fragile throne,
which had no place in time.
A princess lives in storybooks,
and there can find her place,
not in the world in which we live;
where fantasies just fade.
The child too long remembered,
this dream of self and world,
and so could never know herself;
live truth as she could tell.
In time I took the royal robes,
and cast them to the floor,
and knew myself as woman;
the raw, the real, full born. 
Your daughter is no princess,
your son no prince can be,
but each is mortal precious;
in their humanity.

 Our prompt simply, to write a poem from the viewpoint of a fairy tale character.


About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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