The days had staggered slowly on,
and dragged dark memories,
of moments long forgotten;
of dreams which still might be.
The pen had scrawled across the page,
of mind’s erratic hopes,
that there could be deliverance;
there was no need to grow.
But huddled in the wings of time,
the past could peer within,
and whisper bitter, costumed truth;
reality played grim.
Until the curtains would be drawn,
and you had called an end,
to face the facts of who you were;
then nothing could begin.
In taking sips from life’s deep cup,
and reading scattered leaves,
you found that it was you, not I,
who brought to birth such grief.


About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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3 Responses to Relationship

  1. JulesPaige says:

    Family stories are often lost when relatives pass. I am lucky somewhere to have a few news paper clippings of when different family members were interviewed for something or other. I started reading your previous post but will have to return to it later. It also makes me want to do more research into my own family. I was the other day looking at census records and found out that it is very easy to find misspelled names even in or especially in legal documents. Continued success on your own research.

  2. rosross says:

    Yes, the internet can be very useful for ancestry research. I have two particular ancestry blogs over on Blogger but for some reason they no longer have tags so I have taken to posting here as well where I can add the tags. If people are searching for a name they will find the blog through the tag and so far we have had some unknown photographs and invaluable information come up in this way.

  3. I want to draw the curtain back to know more of who these people are. A whole novel on a few lines. Excellent!

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