The days so drab

The days so drab did pulsate,
as tendrils of the past,
drew creepingly beside me;
held my heart so fast.
And in the watered moments,
when threads of hope were lost,
I gathered up the detritus;
wove dregs with aching dross.

Drab; adjective: Lacking brightness or interest; drearily dull; of a dull light brown color.
Pulsate; verb: Expand and contract with strong regular movements; (often as adjective pulsating) produce a regular throbbing sensation or sound or be very exciting.

Tendril; noun: A slender threadlike appendage of a climbing plant, often growing in a spiral form, that stretches out and twines around any suitable support; something resembling a plant tendril, esp. a slender curl or ringlet of hair.

About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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