Trying to find some sanity in the evolution versus creation debate

On the basis that the internet tends to provide extremist positions on any issue because ‘those who care the most post the most sites to defend their position’ and perspective can be hard to find and never more so than with this issue, it is important to find information which comes from neither extreme.

In addition, because the evolutionist/creationist ‘battle’ is greater and more hysterical in the US, for all sorts of reasons, most information comes from that quarter and is influenced by the ‘desperate’ nature of the ‘war’ between the two sides.

I for one am interested in any sites which can discuss ‘intelligence’ at work in this world without any sort of religious agenda. I am more than happy to take a position that says science can and should play an important part in this.
Every position will have its prejudices and subjectivity and the site I am going to link admits this, but we have to start somewhere and this is from something called IDEA, which is also US based, but hopefully provides some information not tainted by religious dogma.

They say of themselves: Intelligent design is a scientific theory which has its roots in information theory and observations about intelligent action. Intelligent design theory makes inferences based upon observations about the types of complexity that can be produced by the action of intelligent agents vs. the types of information that can be produced through purely natural processes to infer that life was designed by an intelligence or multiple intelligences. It makes no statements about the identity of the intelligent designer(s), but merely says that intelligent action was involved at some points with the origins of various aspects of biological life.’

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  1. This name links to a anti imperialist Christian blog. It is not mine. I support the destruction of empire and the construction of a Platonic Confucian Regency that would train the population to be
    BS detectors not BS sponges. I am not a Christian but the anti Empire cause is by far the most important to me.
    I do not think that the Administrator of the site would mind discussing ID although I have not asked him.

  2. rosross says:

    How odd? Why does your name link to this site would be my question?

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