Before and After


Within the moment grasping,
time held proffered hand,
to Then in shadowed grieving;
creation brought to plan.
In cosmic co-creation,
it all revolved through mind,
before and after wedded;
their fate so clear defined.
The seed in settled earthing,
will carry in its soul,
the tree in broken barreness;
the death in life’s firm hold.
Each breath is a beginning,
and yet is barely born,
before it is released;
the past to future called.
In holographic weaving,
this world is brought to form,
where all remains eternal;
where Now is all God knows.

You can write about that moment, or the whole, or concentrate more on the after. Start by listing as many befores and afters as you can think of — yes, all life is a before and after, but put that into words.

About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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