Isis Remembered

The world well wrapped
in welcoming wings,
assured, a place provided
where safely spent,
the years could rest;
peruse the pages silent.

The Goddess gathered,
garnered close
the sore and scattered
parts, of all her broken
peoples – of life’s
wild, wilful thoughts.

The nest made safe,
soft-feathered, strong,
she offered sanctuary
and bade us all: ‘Repair,
restore.’ Rebuild
the broken body.

The nestlings nursed
with shuttered eyes,
cold-huddled to the past
and buried in blind
fragments, stretched
upwards to her heart.

And in the raw remembering,
they rose, reached out
and found, the many, now
re-made as one:
the work was surely done.

About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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