Life offers us

Life offers us a gentle hand,
to guide, to drag, to pull
along the path we’ve chosen;
which leads to who we are.
We’ve written our own story,
planned which parts to play,
chosen our companions,
to help us make our way.
We think that it’s all random,
pure chance, without a plan,
and yet each moment given,
is how it’s meant to stand.
The only difference being,
we have free will to make,
of everything that comes to us,
a suffering or a grace.


About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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3 Responses to Life offers us

  1. carolisle says:

    Have you always had the quote about Cassandra. It certainly speak of our storm in the US Sandy where folks are having to be very creative to just survive. Thus speaks your poem as well choose to embrace our fate.

    • rosross says:

      Yes,, the quote has been on my blog from the beginning and is a favourite with me. I have long ‘known’ or ‘said’ things which others do not like or cannot see, only to be proven right later. It helped when I had my astrological chart done and could see it there. I am not a psychic but I do ‘know’ things and sometimes I ‘say’ things which I didn’t even know I knew and they turn out to be right. It is akin to Cassandra!

  2. So true, the suffering or the grace? Lovely poem. Thank-you.

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