Change of heart…

Change of heart


I waited for your change of heart,
when ice began to melt,
and in the cold, dark corridors
hope held it’s chilling breath.
It needed just one touch of flame,
one fire to burn within,
to thaw the frozen face of love;
to warm your heart again.
I wrapped frail arms around my grief,
and prayed for sustenance,
until the inner hearth grew bright;
and smiled on soul’s new dance.
But in your chest I heard no song,
felt nothing but your hate,
and sensed the freezing cliff was deep,
and high : inconsolate.

Your prompt this week is the third definition of:

HEART (noun)

1: a hollow muscular organ of vertebrate animals that by its rhythmic contraction acts as a force pump maintaining the circulation of the blood
2: a playing card marked with a stylized figure of a red heart
3: personality, disposition <a cold heart>

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