Disempowering mind

If energy does follow thought

then when we seek to heal,

does disempowering mind,

create a fertile field?

About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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2 Responses to Disempowering mind

  1. JulesPaige says:

    For those of us who love to procrastinate – does that mean we shall ne’r bloom…
    all joking aside – action is often a very good course for all healing.

    • rosross says:

      It’s a bit cryptic Jules but it is sourced more in the ‘let go/let God’ mindset. When we focus powerfully on something, even if we think we are being positive, there’s a good chance that we unconsciously have fears, or negative beliefs, and the energy of this thought, focussed on that which we wish to heal, interferes. It is similar to a lot of Traditional Medicine belief where you embark on treatment but don’t keep thinking about it because then energy is directed toward the belief that you ‘need healing’ whereas what is needed is a belief in the ‘perfection’ of all that is and all that you are.

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